A word of welcome

Ibid you all welcome to the web site dedicated to the Masonic resident bodies in the city of Quebec.

This city has unquestionably seen the birth of freemasonry in the province of Quebec and it is this same desire for innovation that has driven the creation of this web site.

However, this site is still a work in progress, for it is a long and demanding undertaking that is built stone by stone, with patience and obstinacy; it is also a dynamic creation, changing with the embellishments and improvements that will be made with the passing of time.

I really hope that you will find, on this site or in one of its many sections, a ray of light, however dim it may be, that will illuminate your steps in freemasonry, and a meeting place that has extended beyond the boundaries of the Lodge to cyberspace itself, a reminder of freemasonry’s wish for universality. I also hope that this site will demonstrate the involvement and enthusiasm of the freemasons of Quebec City, anxious to reveal to the world the very best this ancient and noble order has to offer.

For you who have not received the light of freemasonry, I hope this site will provide, if only partially, some answers to the questions that haunt you. May it satisfy your curiosity and unveil horizons you had never envisioned.


Paul Arturi, President
Quebec Masonic Benevolent Association

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